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Esposito Mastro Fornaio

Esposito Mastro Fornaio


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L'originale Panis Pompei


Quality for three generations

A renowned reality

In the heart of the historic Pompeian town, located just 600 meters from the famous Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Holy Rosary and 1.5 km from the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, stands the Esposito Mastro Fornaio artisan bakery with an adjoining elegant store and outdoor space for pleasant meals. This renowned entrepreneurial reality has existed since the early 1960s, there are three generations of successive bakers, and today it is known and appreciated also abroad. Here reigns the typically Neapolitan white art, in its many expressions of goodness, and it is here that the skilled hands of Esposito Mastro Fornaio created, several years ago, the exclusive and inimitable “Panis Pompeii”. Family tradition, quality, seriousness, and above all an immense love for one’s work at the service of the local community, every day, with unchanged enthusiasm are just some of the peculiarities that have made Esposito Mastro Fornaio, over time, an indispensable reference for his customers. . Currently, the company is managed with great professionalism by the brothers Carmelo and Nicola Esposito, assisted by mother Severina and a staff of valid collaborators.

I Panis appena sfornati

The Family Jewel

Panis Pompeii

The master bakers of the Esposito bakery, with the guidance and supervision of Carmelo, daily churn out real excellences, from breads and other savory specialties, to refined pastries and sweets typical of the holidays. But it is certainly the Panis Pompeii, with its characteristic octagonal shape, the iconic product of the Esposito Mastro Fornaio bakery. It is the creature conceived by Carmelo Esposito who jealously guards the secret of its processing, but at the same time affirms, thanks to his own studies and research done, that already over two thousand years ago a similar bread existed in ancient Pompeii, then Carmelo draws the right inspiration. The skilful leavening of the flour mixture, with the use of red wine must, is a determining element in the realization of the excellent Panis Pompeii, like the genuine ingredients used, such as honey, figs, goat’s milk, pomegranate juice, nuts and aniseed flavor. Finally, a masterful cooking in the oven will give the right softness and fragrance to the Panis. Wonderful and not to be missed the entire production of Esposito Mastro Fornaio which includes: Neapolitan pastiere, savory and sweet casatielli, panettone, focaccia, saltimbocca, pizzas in various and exquisite flavors, biscuits, freselle, taralli and a rich baked pastry. At the base the use of genuine ingredients, almost always from the territory and therefore zero km.

Casatielli dolci

Sweet Casatielli

From an ancient tradition of Torre Annunziata

Pizza Melanzana

Our pizzas

Superlative, in many flavors, to be consumed seated or take home

Tipici Casatielli salati

Neapolitan Casatielli

Inimitable, with cheese, salami, cicoli, eggs

Pizza appena sfornata

With Patrizio Roversi

Visit to the bakery of the correspondent of an historical RAI broadcast

Buffet a evento

With Alberto Angela

On the occasion of one of the famous writer’s visits to the Pompeii excavations

Costumi d'epoca e Carmelo Esposito

We love traditions

We are always protagonists in Pompeian events

Giorgio Calabrese e Carmelo Esposito

With Giorgio Calabrese

Panis was appreciated by the international academician

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Panificio Fratelli Esposito s.n.c. di Esposito Carmelo

ph. 0039 081 86 38

Bakery and laboratory

80045 Pompeii (Naples) Italy

via Lepanto, 138/140


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